Geophysical Surveys

A geophysical survey is a method of collecting information about the physical properties of rocks and sediments. This method is also increasingly applied to mineral exploration activities. It provides a reliable result of the types of hydrocarbons and minerals present underground without tunneling or digging.

To carry out hydrogeological evaluation and geophysical investigations in the selected sites in order to determine potential for groundwater and appropriateness of drilling boreholes at the sites.

Karf Aqua Engineering Solutions Limited

Founded in 2016 by two Engineers with a passion of providing quality water and Energy solutions to the entire region; Karf Aqua Engineering Solutions Limited is based in Kampala Uganda headquartered at Penn Station, 7th Street Industrial Area, Kampala. Karf Aqua Engineering Solutions Limited goes by a trade name of AQUA SOLUTIONS.

When you come to Aqua Solutions, you have the benefit of experiencing quality, professional and affordable Solutions of Water and Energy from our dedicated team of Engineers with a rich experience in both fields.

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